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Which is better: Visualizer or VBScript?

Visualizer is the command-line interface for building web applications.Visualizer offers a number of features to help you quickly write code in the Visual Basic programming language.VBscript, on the other hand, is a scripting language that can be used to write scripts for many common computer-based applications, such as games, web applications, and database servers.It is […]

What are the next games coming out from Visual Studio 2019?

Visual Studio 2020 is a new iteration of Visual Studio, the popular Visual Studio development toolset that powers the world of video games.We’re talking about some pretty big changes.One of them is that Visual Studio 2018 will be replaced with a new version called Visual Studio 2021, which brings a new UI for the new […]

How to get visual eyes to see the code of crypto currency with a visual vision interpretation tool

By: Daniela Chiesa Published: July 05, 2018 05:04:28 Crypto-currency visualizations can provide some interesting insights into crypto-currencies’ code.However, this visual interpretation is often a bit of a pain in the ass, due to the limitations of the algorithms used to produce it.This article explains how to use the tools in your environment to give a […]

How to be an Instagram girl: 10 things to do with the Instagram filter

With the Instagram filters of the past decade, it was always going to be a challenge for designers to find ways to make their images more visually appealing.In addition to making images easier to read and view, filters also helped artists and visual artists who wanted to show off their work more easily.Here are some […]

How to identify visual problems in your brain

Visual problems can be a challenge for people with visual disabilities, and researchers are struggling to understand what’s causing them.What is visual acuity?What causes vision problems?How do they affect our lives?All these are questions that have been posed by researchers in the past few years, but the answers to all these questions have remained elusive.Now, […]

When Donald Trump called for a national ‘disappointment’ with the US economy, the world looked at him as a fraud. Now he has won the Presidency!

by Matt Crampton in New York City, USA, January 10, 2021The United States has the highest unemployment rate in the developed world.For the first time since the Great Depression, there is a growing fear that the economy could collapse within the next two years, if Donald Trump wins the Presidency.This is an opinion piece.The views […]

Trump signs bill to boost military spending, add $20B to national security budget

President Donald Trump signed a bill Friday that will boost military funding and expand other federal spending by adding $20 billion to the national security department’s budget, a White House official said.Trump is expected to sign the measure in the wee hours of Saturday.The measure is the first major piece of Trump’s agenda since he […]

Which Tableau Is Right for You?

The New York Times published a piece last week on the state of virtual reality.The Times wrote that the state has been “mired in a morass of hype and confusion,” which has resulted in a “huge gap between the quality and quantity of virtual experiences.”It concluded that “the biggest impediment to VR’s widespread adoption is […]

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