How the visual effects industry is evolving to handle post-Brexit uncertainty

The visual effects community is struggling to adjust to the Brexit uncertainty, with some studios abandoning projects that are already underway and others seeing an influx of talent and expertise.

Visual effects studio reported Thursday that some studios are planning to move their work out of the UK in the coming weeks to avoid losing a slice of the industry’s income.

The company said in a statement that a total of 22 studios are expected to take the decision by the end of April, though it didn’t specify which ones.

The move will force some companies to make difficult decisions about whether they want to keep their existing visual effects projects in the UK or go into a full re-evaluation.

The industry is in the middle of a massive re-valuation of its operations and the industry is expected to grow to around $7 billion by 2021, according to the Visual Effects Society, which represents visual effects companies and represents the industry as a whole.

The VESA said it’s working on a set of guidance that will help the industry prepare for this transition.

For the most part, the VESA has remained neutral on the topic.

The organization has been advocating for the industry to stay in the United Kingdom since at least 2005.

In the wake of the Brexit vote, some studios said they may be forced to stop their work if they don’t have the funding to continue their work.

In January, Warner Bros. said it would stop producing films in the U.K. if the government doesn’t agree to an EU-wide deal on the U-turn, which includes funding for the Brexit negotiations.

“We are making a decision to move operations from the U of K to the U S,” Warner Bros.’

Chief Executive Kevin Tsujihara told the Wall Street Journal at the time.

“It’s our decision to make.

We’re not making any decisions at this point.”

In a statement at the end to the Bloomberg article, Warner said that “the decision to take a UK exit as a last resort is not a decision we take lightly.”

It added that Warner’s U.S. division, which employs about 2,400 people, has a strong and long-standing relationship with the UK.

“The U. K. will be a strong, trusted partner in our business for many years to come,” Warner said.

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