How to beat Visual Studio’s auto-optimize error message, with this visual aid

You’re trying to get Visual Studio to auto-analyze your code and make your changes to it.

It’s a very simple task.

You’ll just have to type in the correct line, right?

It should look something like this:  The problem is, Visual Studio automatically assumes that you’re trying for a correct line to the right.

That means it will look for an error message like this one: Instead, you’ll have to click on the error message to see what’s wrong. 

Here’s how to fix it:  Open up Visual Studio and click on Tools. 

Then, click the Auto-Generate button.

It should tell you that Visual Studio thinks you’re doing something wrong.

Click the OK button and the error will disappear.

Now, let’s make this happen for our code. 

We’re going to add a new variable named text and set its value to the line with the error. 

Open the new file in Notepad.

Name the variable “text” and change its value from 0 to 100.

Now, let me show you how to do that with a few examples. 

Now, we’re going be adding a new method called Text to our Main method. 

Right click on Main. 

Go to Method Explorer. 

Click the Add New Method button. 

Type in the following code: <Input type='text' name='text'] text = text.

ToString() If you look closely at the code, you can see that we’re calling the ToString method on our text variable. 

Notice that we don’t have a string, but instead we’re setting the text variable to a string.

We also added a new keyword to the ToBinary method.

This keyword tells Visual Studio that we want to use binary encoding for the text.

It tells Visual the code will look like this, which is exactly what we want.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us add a line to our main method that uses binary encoding: The code for the line that uses Binary encoding is: As you can tell, we used the ToUpper() method on the text property to convert the text to a binary string.

You can do this with the ToLower() method as well. 

As you might expect, this code will run fine.

The problem is that, in the case of our code, the error is still there.

This error message will only be visible to Visual Studio if we make the following change to our file: And now that the error has been removed, we can see the error in our console. 

If you’re having issues with Auto-Complete and Auto-Replace, I highly recommend using this Visual Studio tool to fix them. 

What happens when you try to run Visual Studio with a non-ASCII code? 

If your code has an error code and you click the Run button, Visual will prompt you for the correct text. 

It will automatically re-write the code to a UTF-8 encoded string and try to parse it. 

This isn’t the end of the world, though.

If you’re using the same code in two different code bases and Visual Studio doesn’t recognize the new code, it’ll still work. 

How to fix this? 

In order to fix the error, you have to replace the line where the error was added with a new line, and also add a method to the Main method, as shown below. 

The first line should be: This line will be used to parse the code.

It will then return a string and then it will be re-written to UTF-16. 

Once that’s done, we have to change our Main Method to: The second line will simply replace the error code with this new line. 

So, that’s it.

You now have Visual Studio installed and you can run it from the command line.

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