How to Get Rid of Fluffy Hair at the Office

Get rid of fluffy hair, especially if you work in a crowded office.

Fluffy hair is so messy it’s distracting.

Here are five tips to get rid of it. 1.

Cut your hair short 2.

Take it off to keep it from falling out 3.

Cut it in the shower 4.

Wrap it in a towel 5.

Shampoo and condition your hair before using shampoo or conditioner.


Avoid getting it too close to your face 7.

Avoid wearing hats and hats and more hats 8.

Never wash your hair with soap 9.

Wash it with cold water and hot water to keep your hair moist 10.

Avoid using lotion 11.

Don’t wash your face with soap or shampoo 12.

Keep your hair in a bun or a ponytail and don’t wash it in hot water 13.

Wash your face after each use of a shampoo or body wash 14.

Avoid drying your hair by using an old towel or comb 15.

Don-t go out and try to make friends with your co-workers, because they’ll think you’re crazy and start to talk to you, too 16.

Use an airbrush 17.

Avoid talking to your children or pets while you’re at work 18.

Wash at home or at home with soap and water 19.

Avoid eating in the office 20.

Keep hair in an outlet, in the sink or in a box 21.

Donate to a charity and get rid on your hair 22.

Use a hair dryer for dry hair 23.

Avoid standing next to a co-worker 24.

Wash hands in the bath 25.

Clean your hands with soap 26.

Avoid working with a hot water source 27.

Wash a towel 28.

Keep a towel by your bedside or on your nightstand 29.

Avoid leaving a dish on your kitchen counter 30.

Keep dishes in the kitchen on the counter 31.

Keep kitchen utensils on the sink 32.

Use detergent to wash dishes 33.

Use dish soap to wash your dishes 34.

Wash hair in the microwave 35.

Use shampoo to shampoo your hair 36.

Wash dishes in a sink 37.

Keep dish soap in your fridge or freezer 38.

Wash with soap 39.

Don an old t-shirt to keep the stains off 40.

Don your hair a little longer to prevent it from getting dry 41.

Wash under your eyes 42.

Wipe your hands in a bathroom sink 43.

Use hair gel 44.

Wash your hands after every shower 45.

Avoid being too cold 46.

Wash shoes in the tub 47.

Wash on a hot day 48.

Wash the tub 49.

Wash every day 50.

Avoid touching your hair 51.

Use hot water and water at the same time 52.

Wash in a hot shower 53.

Wash and condition hair in your shower 54.

Wash clothes in the hot tub 55.

Use conditioner in the laundry basket 56.

Wash before bed 57.

Wash clothing in the washing machine 58.

Use deodorant 59.

Wash by hand 60.

Wash as often as possible 61.

Use lotion or shampoo to keep dry clothes 62.

Wash regularly in a washing machine 63.

Wash after each shower 64.

Don a towel and put it under your pillow 65.

Wash without shoes 66.

Wash outside in a warm environment 67.

Wash behind your back 68.

Wash around the clock 69.

Avoid putting on shoes while working 70.

Wash while wearing gloves 71.

Wash once a week 72.

Don underwear 73.

Don jeans or skirts 74.

Wash inside your house 75.

Don socks 76.

Wash off the front of your shoes 77.

Don all your clothes when you have a wash or dry 78.

Wash between meals 79.

Wash only when you’re wearing socks 80.

Wash out the front door 81.

Don clothes in your car 82.

Wash when you drive 83.

Don shoes 84.

Don sneakers 85.

Wash if you wear a tie 86.

Wash to keep cool 87.

Don gloves when you work 88.

Wash during the week 89.

Wash away when you wash your hands 90.

Don only use a shampooing spray 91.

Wash more often 92.

Don less frequently 93.

Wash within an hour of each other 94.

Wash just before you wash dinner 95.

Wash up to three times a week 96.

Use soap and shampoo 97.

Wash indoors 98.

Wash outdoors 99.

Wash each day 100.

Wash less frequently 101.

Wash whenever possible 102.

Wash all the time 103.

Wash twice a day 104.

Wash almost every day 105.

Wash nearly every day 106.

Wash five times a day 107.

Wash seven days a week 108.

Wash daily 109.

Wash six days a month 110.

Wash three times per week 111.

Wash two to four times per day 112.

Wash four to five times per month 113.

Wash one to three days a year 114.

Wash weekly 115.

Wash monthly 116.

Wash fortnightly 117.

Wash annually 118.

Wash bi-weekly 119.

Wash yearly 120.

Wash often 121.

Wash everyday 122.

Wash occasionally 123.

Wash sometimes 124

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