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How to visualize data in a visual assistant with visual associations

Visual assistants, often called visual assistants, have become increasingly popular over the past decade.They can be used to help you quickly and easily identify, annotate, and interact with data, such as to analyze data and help you to learn more about the underlying structure of data, or to help create and edit visualizations.There are many […]

How to write a simple chart using the Mud Puddle visual communication software

In the past, a chart could be written using only the text boxes.Now, with Mud Pumps, the visual communication interface has been extended to include a map, a timeline, and even a video that plays back on the computer’s video player.If you’ve been following the popularity of Mud Pools in China and elsewhere, you may […]

How to Get Rid of Visual Impairedness and Visual Blindness with Visual Studio Online

If you have visual impairment, or just have trouble reading in a noisy, crowded place, then Visual Studio is for you.But if you’ve always wanted to be able to see and work in a computer environment, then the free Visual Studio for iPad app is for real.This app is designed to help you create beautiful, […]

Shroomvisualizer for iOS and Android

Visualizer for iPhones and Android allows you to play games and movies using the same interface as a standard app, or to customize the interface in the app.There are more than 40 visualizers available, including Shroom Visualizer, which allows you see the most common visualizations and movies, along with many more.ShroomVisualizer for iPhone and Android, […]

Color Visualizer, how to visualize in an animated gifs

The following article by New Scientist was first published on May 25, 2017.This article was edited on May 26, 2017 to correct the spelling of the words “color” and “imagery”.You can see more about the article here. For many people, the first visual experience they have with a novel is the image of a book cover.The […]

How the visual effects industry is evolving to handle post-Brexit uncertainty

The visual effects community is struggling to adjust to the Brexit uncertainty, with some studios abandoning projects that are already underway and others seeing an influx of talent and expertise.Visual effects studio reported Thursday that some studios are planning to move their work out of the UK in the coming weeks to avoid losing […]

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