Samsung, LG set to introduce new video messaging feature

Samsung is set to unveil new video-messaging features on its Galaxy S5 and S6 smartphones this week, marking the first time the Korean smartphone maker has released new video calling options in a long time.

Samsung will unveil the new features on Thursday, with the company promising that it will be accessible via voice and text, allowing for “real-time messaging,” a phrase the company says it has “worked on in partnership with mobile operators and the mobile industry.”

Samsung is also set to release a new video chat app for the S5, called SBS.

This app will allow users to record and share video chats with others and can also be used to create group video chats.

Samsung says it plans to make SBS “a popular place for video callers to discuss video calls.”

Samsung says the new video calls will be available to users via voice call or text messaging, but the company is not offering a way for users to add a video call to their SBS account.

This is because voice calls and text messages are currently not available on the S6 and S5 phones.

Samsung said that the SBS app will have three levels of video calling: “voice” video, which includes a call recording, “text” video that includes an audio recording and “voice call” video.

Voice calls are not available through the SGS5 or SGS6.

Text messaging, however, is available via Samsung’s new SBS messaging app, SBS Video Call.

Text calling is available through SBS, SGS and SGS+ and can be used on the Samsung S6.

Voice calling is only available in select markets and will be restricted to a certain time frame.

Text calling is currently available on select carriers and Samsung will be adding the feature to SGS, SPS and SDS phones in coming weeks.

Text calls are currently limited to calling numbers in certain locations, and there is currently no way to add numbers to a phone number you already have.

Samsung will begin allowing text calling on SGS devices on Wednesday, while SGS users can start calling numbers on Wednesday.

The company has not announced plans to add support for text calling to SBS+ and SES phones, but we have reached out to Samsung for more details.

Voice and text messaging will be enabled on SBS by default on Wednesday in the US and Europe.

The Galaxy S6 has been one of Samsung’s most popular phones, and Samsung has been working to improve its video calling offering on the Korean brand.

The S6’s video calling feature was added to the S series last year and the phone is currently in the hands of millions of consumers around the world.

While video calling is now enabled on the Galaxy S series, Samsung will not be offering voice calling on the next S series phone.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will only be launching later this year.

Samsung is expected to announce the first new video call options in the S7 series later this week.

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