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When I was a child, I dreamed of being a scientist, and then a scientist I was later a scientist… and then I was an actress

I have seen countless science fiction movies and television shows that explore the idea of science fiction.But what I haven’t seen is a visual novel where a scientist is given the tools to create a futuristic society that can rival our own and live up to the expectations of its creator.I’m not talking about a […]

How to turn an idea into a product with a new visualizer

Visualizers are a big deal these days.They can be a powerful tool for creating a visual that’s easy to understand, but can also make your product stand out from the crowd.They’re also an effective way to make your designs stand out, too.Here are some of the best visualizers for building your products: Adobe Illustrator, for […]

Which browsers should I use for the Visual Studio 2013 preview?

Microsoft has released a new preview of Visual Studio for Linux, version 13.0, which is based on the current version of Visual C++ 2013 RTM (Release Candidate) and contains several improvements over the current release.The latest release of Visual Team, which has been in beta for over a year, has been around for a while, […]

How visual paradigms have transformed sports in a decade

Creative visualization has revolutionized sports.The field has been transformed from a spectator sport to a media spectacle and the visual representation of games has grown exponentially.It has allowed us to connect with fans in a way that has never been possible before.But how can visual representation change the way we understand the sport we watch?How […]

How Trump will save American conservatism

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has been rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct.But his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, denies the allegations.We asked the experts to weigh in on Trump’s accusers.1.Will Trump’s women be a liability?This week, the New York Times reported that Lewandowski sexually harassed two women while they were in his office.Trump has denied […]

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