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How to beat Visual Studio’s auto-optimize error message, with this visual aid

You’re trying to get Visual Studio to auto-analyze your code and make your changes to it.It’s a very simple task.You’ll just have to type in the correct line, right?It should look something like this:  The problem is, Visual Studio automatically assumes that you’re trying for a correct line to the right.That means it will look […]

Visual Studio installer download: The biggest download on the web – CNET

Download Visual Studio for Windows now, Microsoft says.The installer lets you download the most popular Visual Studio products, including Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2017, Visual C++, and Visual Studio Code, and lets you install the Visual Studio Tools, Visual Compiler, Visual Tools for Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer Tools, and others.You’ll also find the […]

Why is Microsoft making this kind of software for visual novel games?

Visual studio Enterprise (VSE) is making its own tools for visual novels, a category where Microsoft is trying to catch up to the likes of Capcom.According to a post on the Visual Studio Enterprise forum, Microsoft will be releasing a Visual Studio extension that enables you to use the new Visual Studio tools to make […]

NHL’s new video game logo: It’s not just for video games

The NHL is in the midst of revamping its logo for the upcoming 2017-18 season, and it’s not only for video game.The logo, which will be made up of four parts, is expected to be unveiled this fall, according to a report from Sportsnet.The logo was initially unveiled at the 2015 Winter Olympics and will […]

Why Beyonce’s Visual Album Is So Much Better Than Visual Meaning (VN)

Next Big Futures, the collective of artists behind the visual art project Beyonces Visual Album, released their visual art work, “Beyonces” last week.The work is a mix of visual meanings and narrative meanings, both of which are presented through an app.The visual meanings of the album are visual in nature and are used to represent […]

How to make a new visual metaphor for your video game

By design, visual metaphors are powerful and often have an emotional impact on viewers.However, in a digital world where content can be downloaded and shared and social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, visual storytelling is becoming increasingly important.But the process of creating visual stories and memes is often more challenging than you might think.Here’s […]

When I was a child, I dreamed of being a scientist, and then a scientist I was later a scientist… and then I was an actress

I have seen countless science fiction movies and television shows that explore the idea of science fiction.But what I haven’t seen is a visual novel where a scientist is given the tools to create a futuristic society that can rival our own and live up to the expectations of its creator.I’m not talking about a […]

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