What’s new in Visual Studio 2015?

By Simon CollingsBy Simon CollingFor the last three years, we’ve been talking about the visual studio and the tooling it brings to the table.

This year marks the fifth year in a row that the visual tool is in the top spot on our list of the most-used tools for the professional developer.

In fact, Visual Studio has become the most popular tool for the developer in 2016.

Visual Studio 2015 is now the second most-popular version of Visual Studio, after version 15, according to StatCounter.

That’s up from a mere nine months ago.

The version 15 release saw the introduction of a new design language that allowed developers to more easily write code with visual studio.

This new design led to the introduction in 2015 of a number of new features, including better object graphs and better code analysis tools.

We also learned that, in Visual C++, the compiler was now much more accurate.

And the new tool, Visual C#, saw its popularity increase as it became more common.

In Visual Studio 2017, we saw that the number of developers who use Visual Studio as their primary development tool rose significantly.

The number of active users grew by more than 400% to more than 5 million, according the StatCounter survey.

And those users are spending more time using Visual Studio than ever before.

Visual C# developers are also spending more on their development tools, up to 20% more than last year.

Visual studio 2015 saw the release of a major upgrade, the addition of a Visual Studio Mobile tool.

This is an evolution from Visual Studio 15.

The Mobile tool has now been installed on nearly 10 million devices, and it allows developers to build and deploy applications to mobile devices.

The mobile version of the tool has a new interface that’s much better for mobile developers.

It’s now much easier to work with the new features and the mobile experience, and more developers are using the tool to develop mobile apps.

Visual and Mobile versions of Visual studio are now on nearly all new devices and have the widest coverage on the App Store.

The mobile version has seen more downloads than any other version of a tool on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

The latest version of this tool is Visual Studio 2018.

This new version of Microsoft’s developer tools is also available on new versions of the Windows Store and is available in a few new languages: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

In terms of new updates, Visual studio 2017 has had a number that are new in 2017.

Visual Studio 2019 is the most recent version of 2017, and Visual Studio 2020 is the latest version for 2018.

The next major version of 2015, Visual .

Net, is also in the pipeline.

Finally, we’ll be highlighting the new APIs Visual Studio developers are getting access to in Visual studio 2018.

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