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The New York Times published a piece last week on the state of virtual reality.

The Times wrote that the state has been “mired in a morass of hype and confusion,” which has resulted in a “huge gap between the quality and quantity of virtual experiences.”

It concluded that “the biggest impediment to VR’s widespread adoption is not the hardware itself, but the perception of its quality.”

“We have spent a lot of time and money to create an environment where people can get the best VR experience.

Now, with so many people having no idea what’s really going on, how can we ensure the quality of VR is actually there?” wrote Times digital editor, Daniel Pinto. 

The Times article goes on to list some of the issues that VR developers face, such as a lack of documentation for headsets, the lack of access to content that might be useful, and the fact that some VR headsets are not as good as others. 

According to the Times, some of these problems can be addressed by giving developers more resources and training. 

“We’ve been able to train and equip developers to better understand how to work with VR, and we’ve also provided resources for them to be able to share the experience,” Pinto said.

“So we’ve seen an improvement in the quality over time, which is why we’re excited to see VR get more widespread adoption.” 

“For some VR, it’s the price that’s limiting,” said Ben Baucom, co-founder and CEO of VR platform, Waze.

“If you’re going to go to a mall or a mall with VR and then use it to see a movie in the theater, that’s going to cost you.

The cost of VR to consumers is still going to be prohibitively high.

Waze has been a pioneer in bringing VR to the masses, and it is the company that is most well known for its Waze 360, the first fully virtual reality smartphone that debuted back in 2014. “

But VR is more affordable and more accessible than most other forms of technology.” 

Waze has been a pioneer in bringing VR to the masses, and it is the company that is most well known for its Waze 360, the first fully virtual reality smartphone that debuted back in 2014. 

Baucom said that the lack or lack of consumer testing is what is holding back the adoption of VR. 

“[Waze 360] had a big effect on the way people were thinking about VR,” he said. 

Wazers360 was able to launch in a matter of weeks, Bauchom said.

That is when people saw what VR can do for them.

“It was really exciting for us to be the first company to be in the market for VR and a big player in the marketplace,” he added. 

In a similar vein, Oculus VR, another major player in VR, launched its own virtual reality headset, the Rift.

While it launched a limited number of products in 2017, it is expected to be ready for a consumer launch in 2018. 

However, the company was able take some criticism from users who were skeptical of its performance and the lack in software, as well as a backlash by some who were upset that it was not ready for prime time.

“Oculus has a great reputation and it’s one of the best companies in the industry, but they don’t always get the attention they deserve,” Baucham said.

“We really need to get them to a point where they can make the product look like what they want it to look like and that they can be a part of the ecosystem, so that they’re able to make those things a reality.” 

According the company’s CEO, Brendan Iribe, Wazers is not going to have a mass launch until 2018, when Oculus will be ready to go public. 

Oculus and Wazer are two companies that have different ideas on how to create a VR headset that is affordable, powerful, and works well.

Iribe is more focused on the hardware, and believes that the company will release a consumer-ready version of its Rift headset before the end of the year. 

Iribe has been able see the benefits of virtual realities in the last few years, as he has spent more time in the company. 

With that experience, Iribe said that virtual reality is a “game changer” and a “really great tool” for the business. 

He is convinced that VR will change how people think about the world.

“We know the world is changing,” he told me.

“When you think about where people are going, how they’re going, and where they’re at in their lives, VR will really change the way we think about those things.

I believe it’s going in a really positive direction, and I believe that VR is going to fundamentally change our way of thinking about the way the world works.” 

Bamford is more optimistic. 

When I asked him about the potential for VR to

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