Why female body image matters in games

The art of game design is to create a world where women are beautiful, complex and multifaceted, and where they can be celebrated and appreciated, in a way that’s as relevant as possible.

We want to see the most powerful and beautiful women in the game worlds we create.

And yet we’re often told to create games where women can’t exist.

We’re not supposed to, we’re told.

When women are not given meaningful and nuanced body images, we lose sight of the potential to truly create a beautiful and powerful world.

So what does that have to do with games?

Well, it means we can create worlds where we feel we’re not being taken seriously as game designers, and women can feel that we don’t have the right to play.

We can’t tell the women we love that they can’t play a game.

We don’t get to choose what the game looks like, or what it feels like to be a woman in a world that makes the experience of playing games seem, well, very sexist.

I have a feeling we won’t be seeing the same level of positive representation of women in games as we have historically.

In the past, there have been some solid examples of female game designers who have made their mark on games.

It took a lot of work to get there.

But, for the most part, we’ve seen a lot more women in video games over the past decade or so, as more companies have taken steps to make the industry more inclusive.

That’s not to say there aren’t some great female game creators.

It’s just that, so far, women have had so little representation.

That hasn’t stopped women from trying, but it hasn’t been enough to convince me that we’re doing our fair share when it comes to creating the best games for women and girls.

In fact, as of now, women make up only 11% of the top-grossing games in the world, and they make up nearly one in five of all game designers.

The number of women making games in this field is even lower than the number of men.

In 2014, there were only eight female game developers, and today, the number is still under one in four.

I believe this is a problem that needs to change.

I hope this article gives you some insight into the problems I have with games and how we can make the medium more inclusive for women.


The Problem With Games for Girls This is a real issue.

There are literally hundreds of games out there that are for girls and women.

That includes titles that have been around for years like Final Fantasy, and the ever-popular Pokemon.

This is not to suggest that all of them are equally attractive.

Sometimes a female character might look a bit more masculine than a male character.

But the games we play often don’t reflect what women really look like, and when they do, the women in them are often just as unattractive as the men.


The Lack of Real Empathy When it comes down to it, the games people play are often games that tell a story that isn’t the story of the female protagonist.

They’re often made by men and they’re usually not written by women.

The characters in games like Final Fantasies, Pokemon and many other franchises are often men, or at least they were for the majority of their history.

This means that there are no female characters who are the primary focus of the story, and, by default, there are many games that don’t feature women in significant or positive ways.

I’m sure you can name a number of examples of games where the female characters are in some way the main character, but I’m also sure you could also name games where female characters aren’t the main focus.

I am a huge fan of The Witcher series, which I’ve never played.

In this game, Geralt, the main protagonist, is a woman, but that’s only the first half of the character’s story.

The Witcher 3, in its first chapter, features a female Witcher who is the main antagonist.

That was supposed to be an interesting development, but for me, the game was boring.

It was not interesting to play because it was not a story about women.

It wasn’t interesting to watch because it’s a game about violence and killing.

It didn’t have much to do.

I was bored.

So I went to another game.

It had a female protagonist, and she was a good girl.

I liked that.

It made me happy.

I felt like I was in the right place at the right time.

I found that, in contrast to The Witcher, where Geralt is the center of attention, in the first three chapters of The Evil Within, I felt the main story was a much smaller story.

It felt less important to me, and I didn’t feel as invested in the characters.

The game did, however, have a female antagonist.

It also had a really interesting female character. So that’s

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