Why is Microsoft making this kind of software for visual novel games?

Visual studio Enterprise (VSE) is making its own tools for visual novels, a category where Microsoft is trying to catch up to the likes of Capcom.

According to a post on the Visual Studio Enterprise forum, Microsoft will be releasing a Visual Studio extension that enables you to use the new Visual Studio tools to make your own visual novels.

This new tool allows you to write your own Visual Studio script, which is essentially an executable file that contains your game’s code and allows you the ability to customize the code in different ways, including creating your own character classes and enemies.

It also allows you “to embed game content inside your own game code, making it possible to share content with your players” and add “customizable user interface elements to your game.”

The extension has been previewed in beta mode and will be available later this year.

You can sign up to use it right now, but Microsoft has yet to say whether or not the extension will be a paid feature.

Microsoft has been experimenting with its own virtual reality tech in recent months, making its Xbox One virtual reality headset the first in the company’s portfolio to support the Oculus Rift.

It recently announced that it will be providing an SDK for developers to make games using the headset, which it says will enable developers to create “unique experiences.”

Microsoft’s latest initiative is in line with a trend seen in other tech companies, which are working to develop their own VR software.

Google and Valve are working on VR-ready Android games for mobile devices.

Microsoft is also working on a new VR game called Titanfall, which Microsoft says will allow gamers to play as virtual-reality-capable mech pilots in the upcoming game, Titanfall: The Fall.

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